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Peter Rajniak

Roots in Bratislava, Flourished in Luxembourg:

Born in the city of Bratislava, Slovakia, my early years were steeped in the rich culture of Eastern Europe. However, the rhythms of basketball took our family on an extraordinary journey to Luxembourg. It was there that I found myself immersed in the world of hoops, inspired by my father, mother and my brother, all whom played professional basketball.

Growing Up on the Courts of Luxembourg: 

The basketball court became my second home in Luxembourg. Surrounded by the echoes of bouncing balls and the energy of the game, I embraced the sport that had become a cherished family tradition. The countless battles in our backyard  against my older brother Martin definitely shaped my competitive nature.

Alabama High School - A Rollercoaster of Emotions:

My basketball journey took a transformative turn when I played for John Carroll High School in Birmingham, Alabama. Those years were marked by both triumph and adversity, representing some of my best and worst times on the court. It was during this period that I experienced the rich passion and love for basketball while navigating the challenges that life threw my way.

Family Support - Fulfilling Dreams in the United States:

The unwavering support of my dad and mom was the bedrock that enabled me to pursue my dreams, particularly playing basketball in the United States. Their encouragement and belief in my potential were instrumental in making the transition to a new country and culture. Their sacrifices became the fuel for my aspirations, allowing me to carve my path in the land of dreams.

California Dreaming - College Basketball Achievement:

Undeterred by the highs and lows, I pursued my dreams on the college basketball courts of California. At a small college in Riverside (CBU) I continued to embrace the challenges and victories that come with the pursuit of excellence. Those college years were a testament to dedication and the realization of a lifelong dream. I graduated in Physical Education and subsequently started my pro career in Spain.

Spanish Sojourn - Realizing Professional Aspirations:

From California dreams to the courts of Spain, my journey continued as I donned a professional jersey. Having spent 2 season playing for Gijon Baloncesto (LEB Oro) was a very fullfilling dream and taught me many lessons, on and off the court. Although Injuries brought an unexpected stop to my playing career, I very much enjoying the Spanish culture and basketball.

From Player to Family Man and Coach:

Life took a new turn, leading me to a beautiful chapter off the court. With my wife Mae, we started a family, and I transitioned into coaching. The love for the game persisted, and with the guidance of mentors like Mike Dunn and Rob Fodor, coaching became a new canvas for my basketball journey.

Passion for Shooting Instruction:

While the love for basketball coaching was innate, the unique circumstances of COVID-19 and practice restrictions unveiled a new passion – teaching the art of shooting. Precision, technique, and a deep understanding of the mechanics became the focus of my coaching philosophy.

Continuing the Legacy:

Now, as a shooting teacher, I find immense joy in passing on the knowledge I've gained throughout my basketball odyssey. This platform is not just about shooting; it's about sharing stories, insights, and building a community bound by a love for the game.

National team of Luxembourg:

Big thanks goes out to the Luxembourg basketball federation whom I played for from the very first youth categories up until the men’s competitions. I really enjoyed and grew a lot in these competitions and enjoyed the unforgettable times with my teammates.

Join me on this journey of teaching and connecting with people all around the world.
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